9 Ways to Clean the House without Chemicals

9 Ways to Clean the House without Chemicals

 For many housewives cleaning is the most tedious task and the worst punishment in the world. What is more, we engage in housework just at that moment when we realize that there is not a clean place, each room is like a battlefield. Cleaning can be a quick and easy process if you know even just a few basic tricks

We present to you 9 great tips that will help you get out of dirt faster and easier.

1) Cleaning of windows

Spring season is very appropriate time for washing the windows. The use of a brush with a rubber tip or a preparation for glass and cloth are the best option for the occasion. In case you see traces of the cloth on the glass – polish it with a newspaper. If you wish to clean your windows with eco-friendly products, you can use vinegar solution. You have to mix equal portions of vinegar and water. You can use the same mixture for cleaning the glass door of the oven, or to clean the mirrors at home. Cleaning the windows will take you not more than 10 minutes, and it is recommended to do it minimum once a month. 

2) Cleaning the floor

Depending on the degree of contamination, you can resort to some tricks. You can use a mixture of water and vinegar. This is eco and harmless method to clean the dirt from the tiles. The other option for you is to clean the tiles with a steam cleaner. You will achieve the same effect but no everyone can afford buying a steam machine.

3) Мicrowave oven cleaning

A good way to remove unpleasant stains in the microwave oven is to use water with sodium bicarbonate. The procedure is simple: put the baking soda in a glass of water and wait for it to boil. Without a serious effort you will remove the impurity in the microwave.

For microwave oven cleaning you may use another tested method. Place a cup of vinegar in the microwave oven and turn it on. Leave it for 5 minutes in the microwave oven, without opening it. Then use a damp cloth to clean the inside of the microwave oven. For cleaning the glass dish you may use dishwashing liquid. Finally, dry the microwave oven with a cloth.

4) Oven cleaning

Do you want to cook in perfectly clean oven without any efforts? Here's the secret for easy oven cleaning: Pour half cup ammonia in bowl. Put it in the oven, but only if it is completely cold! Allow to stand inside all night. Vapors will do the job and in the morning you will have to pass only minimal effort to wipe dirt from the oven.

Another method for oven cleaning is the following:

Make a mixture of baking soda and water. Use an old toothbrush to apply the mixture. Cover all the oven walls with the mixture. Leave it to stay for 15 minutes. Then use a wet cloth to clean the oven walls. After that, apply a solution of vinegar and water. You can use the same solution for cleaning the oven door. Avoid the use chemical products for oven cleaning because remnants from the detergent may penetrate into the food.

5) Clean the lamps and lampshades

To remove dust from the chandelier you can use a damp cloth, previously well drained. With this simple but effective way we can achieve the desired success and brilliance.

6) Cleaning the furniture at home

First, you can use the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the furniture. With special tip for furniture you can easily and without serious efforts remove dust and hair from pet, if any. If the furniture is made of leather, it is better to use a wet cloth to clean it.

7) Cleaning mold and mildew

Mold and mildew is a serious problem for people’s health. They cause respiratory problems and other harmful diseases. That is why you should check your home regularly for the appearance of mold. The solution to this problem is by using water and vinegar. It is typically used in an amount of 1: 1. After making the mixture, place protective gloves on your hands and clean the affected areas.

8) Eliminate odor

Interesting but very effective is the use of coffee beans. Place several baked beans in a pan so the smell of coffee neutralize other odors. Another thing you may use to remove unpleasant odors are aromatic candles. Through them you will not only eliminate odors, but also flavore the entire home.

9) Disinfection of your home

To achieve it you can use hydrogen peroxide and eucalyptus oil that kill all disease-causing germs and bacteria. Placing green plants in your home is also effective method for purifying the air.

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