suffocating odor after cleaning?

suffocating odor after cleaning?

Are you tired of using harmful detergents which leave suffocating odor after cleaning? Do you remember the rough and dry skin on your hands after an hour you rubbed the walls of the oven? There is a pleasant, environmentally - friendly and flavorful way to clean your oven.

Here you will found out that easy technique for removing the dirt from the oven or the microwave.

The only thing you need for this procedure is an orange peel. You have to peel a fruit and place the peel in a bowl suitable for use in microwave. Pour the peel with water. After that, you have to put the bowl in the microwave for 6-7 minutes. As all the microwaves have different parameters, we cannot recommend how much power you have to use. If you use lower temperature, you have to leave the mixture for 14 minutes. You can leave the bowl inside until the water evaporates. After there is no more water in the bowl, it means you should turn off the microwave. Now, you should leave the microwave closed for about 15 minutes thereafter. That way the concentrated steam will completely dissolve fatty deposits, and the microwave itself will cool down to be able easily to clean it. For this purpose, use a dry cotton cloth.

The acid contained in the peel of oranges, degrade grease, which are the main pollutants in this kitchen appliances. Furthermore, the flavor of orange will remove the smells of stale, fish etc. that sometimes stay permanently in the microwave and oven. At the end, you will have a pleasant citrus scent throughout the whole kitchen. This method can be used both for microwaves and ovens.

However, deep oven cleaning for restaurants and private homes in London is recommended to be done at least once a year. Prolux Oven is the most popular firm, famous for its high quality services

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