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Professional oven cleaning Chelsea

The kitchen is one of the most demanding in need of constant cleaning, types of premises. After all, it is obvious that few people want to eat food cooked in the midst of disorder and dirt. The mess and dirt, as you know, are the unchangeable companions of any well-functioning kitchen. Understanding that cleaning the kitchen and especially oven cleaning Chelsea can result in hard and painstaking work, we offer you our own helping hand, in the form of doing this work by our employees. Those who know what a time-taking activity oven cleaning is, obviously, will be happy to receive help from the number 1 rated oven cleaners in Chelsea!

We are proud to have thousands satisfied clients, using our services on regular basis to maintain their homes clean! We work with business and individual clients.

Highly qualified team of local oven cleaners

oven cleaning ChelseaThe best detergents, which have received many certificates and have proven their effectiveness at the level of the world market in combination with responsible personnel, allow us to guarantee that after ordering our services, your kitchen will shine with new colors - cleanliness paints.

Highly qualified Prolux cleaners will gladly take on some of your responsibilities at home, helping you to leave more time for rest or work. By contacting our company, you can forget about the need for oven cleaning, when instead of spending time with family or friends you have to spend the whole day in oven care.

We are specialized at cleaning Single Ovens, Double Ovens, Master Range Ovens, Freestanding Ovens, Slide-In Ovens, Drop-In Ovens, and Wall Ovens. Moreover, we can also help you maintain your microwave oven, extractor or BBQ.


Professional Oven Cleaning Prices Avg. duration
Single Oven, including two racks - 60 cm £45    40 min - 1h
Double Oven, including three racks - 90 cm £65  1-1.5h
Gas Hob Cleaning £20 40 min
Ceramic Hob Cleaning £15 40 min
Standard Microwave Oven £14 40 min
Combined Microwave Oven £25 40 min
Extractor £20 40 min
Splash back £14 20 min
Master range (excl. burners) 90 cm  £80 2.5-3h
Master range (excl. burners) 100 cm  £88 2.5-3h


Guaranteed high quality oven cleaning service in Chelsea!

One of the greatest difficulties in oven cleaning is that you need to conquer frozen traces of food and at the same time keep the surface of the oven intact, without scratches and damages. Prolux oven cleaning Chelsea based specialists use effective but gentle detergents. During the washing of the surface, all technical systems are reliably protected. Water does not fall on the fan, so you cannot be afraid of failures in the operation of your equipment.

Masters of oven cleaning will induce gloss not only inside the oven, but also will remove traces on the outer surface of the stove, clean the burners and switches. Turning to the Prolux oven cleaning Chelsea, you get a guarantee of quality cleaning in your kitchen!

Oven cleaning Chelsea SW3 - cookware
BEFORE Oven Cleaning £45 AFTER
Oven cleaning Chelsea SW3 - Professional cleaners
BEFORE Oven Cleaning £45 AFTER
Oven cleaning Chelsea SW3 - microwaves
BEFORE Oven Cleaning £45 AFTER
Emma Dean

Although I would like to experiment in the kitchen, I avoid doing this because I just hate oven cleaning! It takes me hours to clean it and at the end, the result is not satisfying at all! I had considered the idea of using professional oven cleaning services but I thought they would be too pricey for my budget. However, after some research online I found that people, living in Chelsea, rely on Prolux for oven cleaning procedures!

I read hundreds of positive feedbacks and learnt a lot about their eco-friendly cleaning products. I checked their prices for oven cleaning service, and contacted them. Two days later, their experts came home and took care for my oven. It took them about an hour to make my oven spotless! There wasn’t a single stain inside the oven! I have never seen it in such remarkable condition! I am really impressed by their professionalism and great attitude towards clients!

I would like to recommend Prolux to all people, living in Chelsea, who are looking for expert oven cleaning services at affordable prices! Their experts told me I can use the oven immediately after the cleaning procedure. I didn’t sense strong repelling odor inside my house, because they used only eco cleaning products. Moreover, I learnt that they offer special discounts for regular clients, so I am planning to use their oven cleaning procedure at least once a month.

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