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Professional Oven Cleaning Clapham at Affordable Prices

After you have prepared a favorite meal for the family, you usually face the same question as everyone else - how to clean the oven? Sometimes this task is not easy, especially if you have to deal with stuffing or burnt food. Instead of using strong and harsh detergents that are harmful to your skin and your health, contact Prolux oven cleaning Clapham based company.

Do you urgently need a cleaning company in Clapham?

oven cleaning ClaphamYou have come to the right place - our services are selected exclusively by the most relevant requests of customers. We have a wonderful team, all cleaners - with extensive experience at different levels of cleaning and have been trained in the use of professional chemistry. The equipment is chosen according to your order for cleaning. Inventory corresponds to the latest developments in the field of cleaning. According to the rules and norms of cleaning, the manager picks up a certain number of cleaners to your order. The manager is always present at the facility and the cleaning takes place under his clear supervision.

The approach to each customer is individual and your requirements are always in the first place. After all, the level of purity and quality of each client is different, but even the most demanding perfectionist will not find comments. You call us and together we determine the appropriate date and convenient cleaning time for you. We arrive at the appointed time, we bring in equipment and chemistry, we get to know you and arrange people. At your own request, you can be at the cleaning and thereby get real pleasure from the work of professionals. We call you an hour before the end of the cleaning if you were not at the facility. The object is handing over the day. When re-ordering, we give 15-30% discount.

What Kitchen Cleaning Services Do We Offer?

Besides our most used service oven cleaning Clapham, we can be also helpful for:

  • washing the refrigerator, microwave and barbeque (all - outside)
  • cleaning sink, cooker and work surfaces, hoods, walls
  • wiping kitchen appliances, kitchen furniture
  • cleaning of cobwebs and dust on walls and ceilings and other surfaces
  • wet cleaning inside the kitchen, windows, stained glass windows, panoramic windows
  • wet cleaning of residential and technical premises
  • washing of any moisture resistant facades
Oven cleaning Clapham SW4 - Rayburn range
BEFORE Oven Cleaning £45 AFTER
Oven cleaning Clapham SW4 - hotplates
Oven cleaning Clapham SW4 - extractors
BEFORE Oven Cleaning £45 AFTER
Jasmine Henderson

Thanks to Prolux, now my oven looks like brand new! It is 6 years old and although I have cleaned it many times, it looked quite polluted. I have used mainly powerful cleaning products, bought from the store. However, I only got a headache because of them. None of them restored the spotless look of my kitchen. Then, I decided I used test professional oven cleaning services. It was something like giving a last chance to my oven.

At first, I asked a few of my friends about their opinion for professional oven cleaning. Most of them had not used such service. Those, who were using expert oven cleaning services, were Prolux’s clients. They were fully convinced Prolux is the best provider of cleaning services in Clapham.

After I gathered some feedback, I checked online for more information about Prolux. I learnt they work only with eco preparations and experienced cleaners.

The oven cleaning service, I ordered, lasted about 2 hours. My oven was quite greasy and needed a lot of effort to be restored to a brand new condition. I am impressed by the great attitude of Prolux cleaners! I would like to recommend them to all people, living in Clapham, looking for quality cleaning services!

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