Clean your oven in a month’s interval

Clean your oven in a month’s interval

To maintain the amenity of our household cleanliness is as important as any other required things to conduct the chore. None of us like to stay in a house of full of filthy atmosphere. Likewise when it comes to cleaning the ovens, you start feeling great obstacles in your way. All the hesitations are because you fear lest the chemicals used in the cleaning process might be harmful for the cooking procedure. You are just a few minutes away to discover that all the essential weapons to clean your oven are in your cupboard.

A glance at the things required:

Do you have baking soda and vinegar in your kitchen? Then here you go. You have the two most used equipments to clean your kitchen. These two ingredients are totally safe in their use and effective at a great length. Besides having these two ingredients, you will have some more equipment. Water is a basic object you would find on the list of everything enlisted for cleaning. Other things are rubber gloves, damp dish cloth, spatula made out of plastic or silicon, spray bottle. Those are the things that fall under the category of ‘must-have’. Now move to the procedure of cleaning the oven.

You will first have to remove the oven racks: at the beginning you will have to remove the racks, pizza stones, the thermometer installed inside the oven, and all those things you have had inside the oven.

The next phase is to make a paste out of baking soda: take a small bowl. Put ½ cup of baking soda with a little bit of water around a few tablespoons. Take both of the items in equal and required proportion. Stir the assortment until it becomes a spreadable paste.

Now it is time to coat your oven: spread the paste very carefully over the interior portion of your oven. While doing this you have to take care of your hands. Hence do not avoid wearing gloves.

Allow the coating to sit for a night: once you are done with pasting the coat around the inside area of your oven, leave it for one night.

Mean while you should clean your oven racks: in between you can wash the racks.

Wipe the oven off: with a piece of cloth, you can wipe off the scab of left-overs.

Spray a little amount of vinegar: it is considered to be the next small but essential step to sprinkle a little amount of vinegar to bring perfection to the cleaning of your oven.

After all these procedures are done, you can now replace the racks and start your cooking as normal you usually do. So here you go.

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