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The Safest Oven Cleaning Dartford Based Procedures

If you are a working mother, and you dream to have at least a minute for yourself, then you need someone help you with oven cleaning! Prolux is the most popular oven cleaning Darford based company with over 10 years of experience in this field and thousands satisfied customers! We understand our clients’ needs and for safety reasons we use only environmentally friendly cleaning products. They are appropriate for use in homes with pets and children, with people suffering from allergies or asthma!

Eco-Friendly Oven Cleaning Dartford

We all know that oven cleaning should be done minimum once a week. The use of household chemicals is very effective for solving the problem of combating pollution. But some cleaning products can have a negative effect on human health. In someone, they can cause allergic reactions. In addition, household cleaning products may not always be at hand or will end unexpectedly. For these reasons, many are looking for alternative methods of cleaning the oven from grease. In this situation, Prolux oven cleaning Dartford services will come to the rescue, tested by time and a large number of housewives.

In each cleaning procedure, we apply only non-toxic cleaning products! Each of them is powerful enough to cope with old grease stains and unpleasant odor in the oven. In addition to cleaning the metal parts inside the oven, we also clean the door glass, as it is also subject to grease contamination.


Professional Oven Cleaning Prices Avg. duration
Single Oven, including two racks - 60 cm £45    40 min - 1h
Double Oven, including three racks - 90 cm £65  1-1.5h
Gas Hob Cleaning £20 40 min
Ceramic Hob Cleaning £15 40 min
Standard Microwave Oven £14 40 min
Combined Microwave Oven £25 40 min
Extractor £20 40 min
Splash back £14 20 min
Master range (excl. burners) 90 cm  £80 2.5-3h
Master range (excl. burners) 100 cm  £88 2.5-3h


Prolux Oven Cleaning Dartford – The Best Care for Your Oven

With the development of technology, the operation of kitchen appliances has become much easier. Now there are ovens that are cleaned automatically or can remove dirt from them much easier. You can find ovens with a catalytic cleaning system, which you don’t have to clean yourself. Also, there are such interesting purification options as pyrolytic and hydrolytic. Clearing these ovens of grease and soot is much easier than traditional options.

oven cleaning DartfordHowever, even with so many options, it always helpful knowing there is a professional cleaning company that can take care for all the kitchen appliances! We perform a long list of cleaning services, including barbeque cleaning, microwave oven cleaning, fridge and dishwasher cleaning, and many more! We work 24/7, including on bank holidays! We can help you prepare your kitchen for guests or help you restore the brand new look of your kitchen appliances after tenants. Don’t hesitate and book your next cleaning service in Dartford!

Oven cleaning Dartford DA1 - Cooker Hob Cleaning
BEFORE Oven Cleaning £45 AFTER
Oven cleaning Dartford DA1 - Cleaning  cooker
BEFORE Oven Cleaning £45 AFTER
Oven cleaning Dartford DA1 - Stanley range cookers
BEFORE Oven Cleaning £45 AFTER
Natasha Henderson

I live in Dartford and for the last 3 weeks, I had been comparing different cleaning companies in the area. I asked my neighbors, colleagues and friends whether they are using such services and if they satisfied. Surprisingly, 99 % of them told me they are using Prolux for keeping all the kitchen appliances at their homes clean. I have a neighbor who owns a restaurant, and he also said he is using Prolux services for maintaining the cleanliness of the appliances in the restaurant. After those 3 weeks I was fully convinced I need to contact Prolux!

Prolux cleaners exceeded my expectations! I ordered barbeque and oven cleaning procedures. I can say that after the service my barbeque looked like just taken out from the store. The oven also look in great condition, although it was 8 years old.

All in all, I am really content with the quality of the received services and with their price! It is far more affordable than expected! I would recommend Prolux to all of you, looking for reliable provider of cleaning services in Dartford!

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