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Professional Oven Cleaning Hammersmith

Perhaps, oven cleaning Hammersmith is a rather unpleasant procedure for every housewife, living in the area. Fat sticks to the internal surfaces in the process of cooking, so those who like to cook often, such a problem, alas, cannot be avoided. In order for the device to last longer, it is necessary to remove this fat on regular basis.

Professional oven cleaning Hammersmith is a simple way by which you can remove grease from the inside of the oven without resorting to aggressive household chemicals.

How to Prepare Your Oven for Oven Cleaning Procedure?

Few people know that before washing the oven from fat, it must be properly prepared for the procedure. In particular, it is necessary to perform the actions:

  1. Remove all large particles of grease and other objects that may interfere with cleaning.

  2. Disconnect the equipment from the electrical network (in the case of a gas oven - from the gas).

  3. If there is a fan in the oven, it is recommended to close it carefully.

Before washing the oven from grease, we may warm it up at a high temperature (about 300-500 degrees) for 20-30 minutes to increase the effect of cleaning.

These simple actions will greatly facilitate the process of cleaning the oven and will relieve you of many problems that you may encounter during the procedure.


Professional Oven Cleaning Prices Avg. duration
Single Oven, including two racks - 60 cm £45    40 min - 1h
Double Oven, including three racks - 90 cm £65  1-1.5h
Gas Hob Cleaning £20 40 min
Ceramic Hob Cleaning £15 40 min
Standard Microwave Oven £14 40 min
Combined Microwave Oven £25 40 min
Extractor £20 40 min
Splash back £14 20 min
Master range (excl. burners) 90 cm  £80 2.5-3h
Master range (excl. burners) 100 cm  £88 2.5-3h


Eco-Friendly Oven Cleaning Products

A clean oven is an efficient and fresh-smelling oven. The eco-friendly cleaning products that we are using clean the interior of your oven without the usual chemical odors and eliminates the need to rub against hard, crusty residue. You will notice that cleaning product is odorless, so your food will never have the smell of detergent.

What Make Our Services Stand Out From Other Companies in Hammersmith?

oven cleaning hammersmithYour satisfaction is our mission! We work steadily to accomplish that goal. Because Prolux not only convinces with its clean performance, but also with a sophisticated concept tailored to your needs for visible and noticeable cleaning.

Of course, a visually clean oven will make a good impression and is the primary goal when you hire our cleaning service. Our philosophy is, as a cleaning company in Hammersmith to ensure unrestricted cleanliness and to offer you a service that is based entirely on your wishes and your needs.

Real purity goes deeper and ensures hygienic conditions, a clean fragrance and, most importantly, the preservation of the value of your property and the well-being of the people who enter or leave your home. As an experienced professional cleaning service, we are committed to the cause and are only satisfied if you are convinced of our service as an oven cleaning company in Hammersmith. We will gladly advise you and give you tips on which intervals are optimal for your property and which cleaning work you can make use of in full service or as a single service.

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Rosie Turner

I am very happy I found Prolux! These cleaning experts are highly reliable and have great experience when it comes to oven cleaning. Two years ago, I moved to Hammersmith and I didn’t have a clue which is the best cleaning company in the area. However, after I tested the services of two different companies, I finally learnt about Prolux from one of my neighbors! Prolux oven cleaners completely transformed my oven, bringing back its splendid look! I am using Prolux’s services regularly and I am receiving discounts for each service for being their regular client!

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