How to clean your home environmentally?

How to clean your home environmentally?

 Have you ever thought how harmful all the products we use to clean your home are? Some of them cause serious allergies in contact with our skin, inhalation, etc. If you have an intolerance to chemical cleaners or simply prefer to clean your home in environmentally friendly way, here are some ideas on how to do it:

Washing of curtains

What ruins the curtains when washing is actually a detergent that remains in the tissue. The curtains should be washed with very little detergent, and if they are very dirty they should be soaked in advance. In laundering curtains do not add softener. To remove deposited of detergent in tissues, it is better to make two rinses before the last centrifugation.

 Carpet cleaning

This is a casual and absolutely harmless way to refresh your carpets. First clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Sprinkle it evenly with sodium bicarbonate. Leave it to stand on the carpet overnight. Clean again carefully with the vacuum cleaner. The effect is surprisingly good - the colors of the carpet are fresher and bad odors disappear.

 Windows cleaning

The easiest, fast and effective method for washing windows is a solution of water and vinegar or spray with vinegar. It doesn’t need rinsing. The first times you use vinegar you might get the impression that the windows are covered in spots that are not cleared - these are traces of the products used before brushing with vinegar. They will be cleared completely after a few washes, so there's nothing to worry about.

You can clean the windows with water and microfiber cloth.

There are other ways of washers, such as a mixture of water, an essential oil and a little detergent.

Another way is classic and familiar to most housewives way to wet the glass with a sponge soaked with water and dry them with newspapers.

Oven cleaning

When performing oven cleaning procedure, it is necessary to avoid the use of many commercially available products that often contain caustic soda, solvents and other toxic substances, the remnants of which can not be removed from the oven walls and evaporation, can penetrate food placed for baking.

The first rule is the oven to be cleaned more frequently with a solution of warm water and sodium bicarbonate, white vinegar or lemon. Mixture of baking soda and water is excellent tool for removing greasy stains from the glass door of the oven. You may use the paste to cover the bottom of the oven. Leave the mixture to act for several hours and then clean with damp cloth.

You should know that orange and lemon have excellent degreasing qualities. These are important products for oven cleaning. There is an interesting oven cleaning tip which I want to share with you.

Take an empty jar and fill it with orange peels. You may use lemon peels if you don’t have orange. Fill the jar with white vinegar. Make sure vinegar has covered all orange peels. Leave the jar aside for 5 days. When the 5 days are gone, you may poor the vinegar in a spray bottle. However, you can use the vinegar directly from the jar. With the spray bottle application will be easier.

Cover the inside of the oven with soda mixture. Then spray the oven with the white vinegar, which you have put in the spray bottle. Leave that solution to act for 20-30 minutes and then wipe with damp cloth.

Easy oven cleaning is possible with help of ammonia. Place a bowl of ammonia in completely cold oven and leave it for one night. In the morning you will notice the oven walls are covered in ammonia vapors. Take a damp cloth and wipe the inside of the oven. Don’t use this method for cleaning gas ovens!

 Clean cutting board

Wipe the board with a slurry of water and baking soda (1 part water to 3 parts of baking soda) and rinse after a few minutes. Sanitation and has a degreasing effect and also removes unpleasant odors.

 Cleaning the fridge

The refrigerator must be sprayed with water and vinegar or baking soda and then rinsed with pure water. To remove odors from the refrigerator just spread the baking soda in a shallow open pan and place it inside until the odor disappears.

 Cleaning the kitchen sink

To clean the sink in the kitchen in environmentally-friendly way, you can use a paste of water and baking soda. Apply the mixture directly onto the sink, scrub with a sponge. The paste eliminates the haze and surface shine without scratching surfaces. After cleaning the sink rinse with water and dry it well.

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