How to Maintain the Oven with Natural Cleaners?

How to Maintain the Oven with Natural Cleaners?

Yesterday my children decided to surprise me with homemade delicious meal, prepared in the oven. The result from their efforts was completely dirty oven with a lot of splashes and spills inside. I immediately grasp the strong detergent I had for oven cleaning and applied it. At the very second I sensed the usual headache this product causes me. Then I asked myself why I didn’t use the oven cleaning recipes I have read about that are completely harmless? I have read about natural ways to maintain the kitchen clean and I have no doubt these recipes real work. But after all I rushed to apply the detergent whose smell I really can’t stand and that irritates the skin of my hands. Deep in myself I was looking for the reason for my action and besides the fact I am used to it, I couldn’t find another answer. It is incredibly difficult to give up an old habit even if you know the new thing (in this case - preparation) is better than the previous one.

Moreover, taking the bottle of oven cleaning preparation seemed easier than preparing homemade cleaning solution. But why I thought it was easier?  Probably because it saved me several minutes from preparing cleaning solution but that did not change the fact that the strong detergent was dangerous for my health.

I took the decision to get rid of all the harmful detergents, I keep in the cupboard. That way next time I needed oven cleaning product, I would have no other choice besides preparing a safe natural cleaner. I can give the same advice to all of you who want to “live green”. I know various oven cleaning tips which I haven’t tested yet, but my friends have and claim to be very effective. So I will share this knowledge with you and I hope I could be helpful!

So here is the most popular oven cleaning methods that are environmentally-friendly:

If you are wondering whether the non-toxic cleaners are as powerful as the chemical cleaners, the answer is positive. 20-30 years ago our parents and grandparents used entirely such natural cleaners. There wasn’t great variety of preparations which they could get from the nearby store. Perhaps there was only one preparation which was pricey. However, I am sure most housewives used natural solutions for oven cleaning and didn’t complain they cannot maintain the cleanness of their ovens.

Now if you are going to clean the oven by yourself, first take a look what you are going to deal with. You can find old remains of pepperoni, some other ashes of food on the bottom side of the oven. Lift them with a plastic scraper the remains of food and soak the racks in hot water, mixed with dishwashing liquid. You can use the kitchen sink to soak the racks. However, you can use a special tray (if you have one).

Here’s the first oven cleaning recipe I have prepared for you:

1 tablespoon borax

½ cup of vinegar

1/8 cup of dishwashing liquid

1 cup of boiling water

Mix all the ingredients and pour the solution in a spray bottle for easier application. Spray the inside of the oven, after you have covered it with baking soda. Leave the oven closed for one night and clean with damp cloth the next day.

The second method for oven cleaning I want to share with you, involves the use of salt. If you are preparing some greasy meal and there are fresh splashes inside the oven, cover them with salt. When the oven cools down just wipe with damp cloth.

Vinegar is one of the most powerful tools, used for oven cleaning. It will kill bad odor from the oven and will eliminate all the grease from it. You can use white vinegar to clean grease from your stovetop, walls, and range hood after you have fried something. Just dip the sponge in white undiluted vinegar. Then take another sponge, soaked in cold water to wipe the cleaned surfaces.

You can use vinegar to remove the grease from the pan as well. Just pour small quantity of vinegar inside the greasy pan and heat it. Add 2 tablespoons of sugar inside the pan. Vinegar will remove even the oldest grease stains from the pan.

You can maintain the oven incredibly easy if you wipe it with a sponge dipped in white undiluted vinegar once a week! You can use the same method to remove the grease from grates on gas stoves.

Even if you have a self-cleaning oven, you have to wipe it with paper towels. You can use old newspapers for the same purpose.

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