However, it is always better to receive professional help, especially about oven cleaning

Especially about oven cleaning

Microwave oven is the kitchen appliance which is considered to be the most used one. We can admit that we use it every day but do not clean it so often. Often housewives are faced with the problem how to clean it without using harmful detergents. Here we will show you a method for cleaning the microwave, which besides removing the fat, is helpful for eliminating odors. All you need for cleaning is an orange or lemon peels.

Take a bowl and place the orange peel in it. Add about 100-150 ml. water and put the bowl in the microwave oven. Adjust the timer for 3-5 min. After the water in the bowl begins to boil, turn off the oven. Once the oven is off, do not hurry to remove the bowl. Allow it to stand for about 10-15 minutes. Finally remove the bowl and wipe the walls of the oven with a dry cloth. The smell of fat will be completely removed. Instead of it, your microwave oven will smell pleasant like the fruit you have used - orange or lemon.

If you want to clean the oven, you can use ammonia. Spray the polluted parts with it, close the door and leave it to stay overnight. On the next morning you can easily remove the dirt by using a rag, or some other damp cloth. However, if you have children in your home, you'd better look for another option for cleaning the oven, instead of using ammonia. It could have poisonous vapors so pay great attention when you use it.

However, it is always better to receive professional help, especially about oven cleaning. Prolux Oven is a popular cleaning firm in London which has thousands of content clients who use its services regularly

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