If you want to maintain the oven with less efforts

If you want to maintain the oven with less efforts

If you want to maintain the oven with less efforts, you have to clean it regularly with hot water, in which there is dissolved vinegar or lemon juice. Another useful advice is to avoid cleaners that contain caustic soda and other toxic substances, the remnants of which cannot be absolutely removed during the process of cleaning. When these substances evaporate they may enter into the food you cook. Not only it will have bad taste but it will smell like a detergent.

Probably you have heart about the method of cleaning with orange peels. However, if you do not have an orange at home, you may use another citrus fruit that you have. You have to put the peels of the citrus fruit in a bowl of water, suitable for the microwave and run the timer until you notice the active vapors inside. The water should boil for at least a minute or two. Open the microwave oven and clean it with paper towels. If the results are not satisfactory, repeat the procedure once again.

Another quick way to clean a microwave is by placing only the peel of a citrus fruit into the microwave oven and leave for a minute or two to warm up. The walls must again accumulate moisture and acid will help you remove the fats. Again, wipe with a clean cloth or repeat the process if necessary. If you do not have a citrus fruit at home, then hopefully you have vinegar. Pour the liquid into a bowl of equal amounts of it and water. Turn the microwave oven on and leave it for a few minutes to evaporate. At the end just wipe with a clean damp cloth.

If you use these cleaning tips regularly, you will be surprised how easily you can maintain the oven and the microwave. However, professional help is always needed. Prolux Oven offers the highest quality services in London at the most decent price. They will save your time and energy, and you will enjoy your time in the kitchen.

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