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Deep Oven Cleaning Kensington

We all know how difficult it is to clean the grill, the oven, or, in general, the burned fat. For this purpose, there are hundreds of types of preparations on the market, different in composition, color and texture. Companies are struggling to gain an increasing share of consumers by convincing us that their products with one spray of the preparation effortlessly and everything shines. Unfortunately, that’s not true!

Cleaning of burned fats in the food sector is not an easy task. The most important thing is to trust a preparation that will really clean the burned fat without much effort on your part. Grills are easy to clean, as the surface is horizontal and the preparation can hold on to dirt and attack the dirt, but in ovens the preparation should be in a foamed condition to keep the active ingredients on the walls. A basic rule when using more aggressive preparations for stubborn and burned fats is after putting it on the surface is to wait as indicated on the label, sometimes even more.

When You Should Look For Professional Oven Cleaning Kensington?

oven cleaning Kensington

Time and money are the most important factors why people contact Prolux for oven cleaning Kensington. We can save your precious time and take care for the condition of your oven at the most affordable price in Kensington. When you should contact us? When your oven starts smelling bad or when smoke comes out from the oven when you turn it on. These are obvious signs it is high time to give us a call. However, you should know that oven cleaning Kensington should be performed after each use of the oven. If you do not have so much time, you need to use professional oven cleaning services at least once a month. That way you will prolong the exploitation life of your kitchen appliance.

Prolux Oven Cleaning – The Right Choice of Expert Cleaning Company

What makes oven cleaning Kensington service so appealing is that we will come at your home and take care for the oven at the most convenient time for you. We will use only non-toxic cleaning solutions in order to remove the grease and dirt from your oven. A great advantage of using Prolux cleaning services is that you can use the oven straight away!

The duration of oven cleaning procedure varies, as it depends on the level of pollution of your oven and the type of the oven you are using. Normally, it takes between 45 minutes and a couple of hours.


Professional Oven Cleaning Prices Avg. duration
Single Oven, including two racks - 60 cm £45    40 min - 1h
Double Oven, including three racks - 90 cm £65  1-1.5h
Gas Hob Cleaning £20 40 min
Ceramic Hob Cleaning £15 40 min
Standard Microwave Oven £14 40 min
Combined Microwave Oven £25 40 min
Extractor £20 40 min
Splash back £14 20 min
Master range (excl. burners) 90 cm  £80 2.5-3h
Master range (excl. burners) 100 cm  £88 2.5-3h


Oven cleaning Kensington SW10 -  ceramic hobs
Oven cleaning Kensington SW10 - cookware
BEFORE Oven Cleaning £45 AFTER
Oven cleaning Kensington SW10 - hotplates
BEFORE Oven Cleaning £45 AFTER
Arya Hendrix

A year ago, I started using professional cleaning services and I am very happy I did this! I become Prolux regular client and they saved me many hours in oven cleaning which I don’t like at all.

I contacted Prolux for the first time because a friend of mine recommended them. I am a mother and a businessperson, and every second of my day is valuable! I needed help with maintaining my home clean. When I contacted Prolux I scheduled an oven cleaning service which was spectacular! After that, I started using their services regularly, as I took benefit from general cleaning and carpet cleaning procedures.

Now I feel comfortable when I come back home after a long day at work because the house is perfectly clean. The oven is spotless and every dish, prepared inside, is delicious. After I started using oven cleaning services I found what a great difference there is in the taste of the dish, when the oven is clean.

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