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Professional Oven Cleaning Lewisham

Nowadays, the modern busy person rarely has the ability and time to clean up his oven after each use. In this case, Prolux cleaning company will come to the rescue. We will quickly bring your kitchen in perfect order!

Prolux oven cleaning Lewisham based company provides professional cleaning services for various types of premises since 2009, which are performed by a team of specially trained people. In work, exclusively modern technologies and chemical means are used. We provide our customers with a wide range of services, as well as guarantee their highest quality. Individual approach to each client! We take into account all the wishes of the client, which is why our cleaning services are suitable for everyone, and our prices will pleasantly surprise you! We hope for cooperation!

Why Order a Cleaning Service from a Cleaning Company in Lewisham?

Oven Cleaning LewishamToday, professional cleaning of kitchen appliances is a necessity that allows you to maintain your kitchen in a proper manner. This service includes not only qualified staff, but also the use of innovative cleaning products and equipment that help your home become ideal in terms of cleanliness. A cleaning is a whole science about cleaning and everything connected with it.

Only an experienced specialist in this field will be able to do all the work correctly, quickly and as efficiently as possible. Sometimes the call of a specialist for cleaning is a vital necessity - in heavily polluted oven, the taste of every dish is not as good as it has to be.

Our cleaning company in Lewisham offers comprehensive cleaning services for apartments, houses, restaurants and cafes. Cooperating with us is not only pleasant, but also beneficial in financial terms: we offer a discount program for our regular customers, we regularly hold seasonal and holiday promotions.


Professional Oven Cleaning Prices Avg. duration
Single Oven, including two racks - 60 cm £45    40 min - 1h
Double Oven, including three racks - 90 cm £65  1-1.5h
Gas Hob Cleaning £20 40 min
Ceramic Hob Cleaning £15 40 min
Standard Microwave Oven £14 40 min
Combined Microwave Oven £25 40 min
Extractor £20 40 min
Splash back £14 20 min
Master range (excl. burners) 90 cm  £80 2.5-3h
Master range (excl. burners) 100 cm  £88 2.5-3h


Specialized Team of Local Oven Cleaners Lewisham

All employees of Prolux oven cleaning Lewisham company undergo corporate training, therefore, possess:

  • Special knowledge;
  • Honed skills;
  • The ability to use cleaning equipment and chemicals.

We are very strict about the quality of cleaning procedures we offer, so you choose every our cleaner carefully. Each member of our team has minimum 5 years of experience in the cleaning sphere, and he has visited annual trainings in order to improve his performance. Our employees are highly reliable and dedicated to their work.

Oven cleaning Lewisham SE13 - electric and halogen hobs
BEFORE Oven Cleaning £45 AFTER
Oven cleaning Lewisham SE13 - extractors
BEFORE Oven Cleaning £45 AFTER
Oven cleaning Lewisham SE13 - Oven hood cleaning services Lewisham
BEFORE Oven Cleaning £45 AFTER
Alexandra Hawkins

After I started using Prolux oven cleaning procedures, I started experimenting more in the kitchen. Before, I didn’t use the oven so often because I hated cleaning it after that. Now, I prepare a delicious meal inside it at least 3 times a week, sometimes even more! 

I am using Prolux oven cleaning procedure once on every two or three weeks in order to preserve the perfectly clean condition of the oven. I also found out that food gets tastier in perfectly clean oven. There is no mixture of different odors from meals, cooked inside. There is unpleasant smell or smoke, when I turn the oven on. Cooking is much more pleasant with a spotless oven! The best thing is that I do not have to lose hours in cleaning. I just leave that unpleasant job to Prolux cleaners! Yes, everything is that simple! 

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