Little Known Methods for Oven Cleaning that are Proven to be Effective

Little Known Methods for Oven Cleaning that are Proven to be Effective

If you ask women if they like purity, perhaps each of them will respond positively. But we also know that maintaining a clean home requires a lot of effort, especially when it comes to the kitchen. Every day hosts face a myriad of causes of pollution at home: dust, stain, odor, etc. However, in the kitchen this list continues with dried fat in the oven and traces of spilled or burnt food on hotplates.

Cooking becomes a tedious commitment when it comes the time to clean the kitchen. Because not only the oven needs a thorough cleaning, but also the contaminated countertops, refrigerator, microwave, sink, windows, and flooring.

If you feel tired of the constant oven cleaning with different preparations, and you want it always to look like brand new, see this advice. We will show you how to clean the oven knobs of fat for two minutes in a safe manner and without buying expensive chemicals.

Necessary products:

  • cotton swab
  • a few drops of alcohol solution of anise (you can use mastic)
  • old toothbrush

Soak cotton swab in alcohol and wipe it with the contaminated areas of the oven. Wait a few minutes and see how fat and dirt disappear in front of your eyes. However, if the coating is too stubborn, rub gently the problem areas with a toothbrush, having previously dipped in anise. At the end just wipe with damp clean cloth!

You can use a mixture of baking soda and water to clean the oven hobs. However, do not use that substance on ceramic oven hobs, because you will scrape them.

To deal faster with cleaning heavily soiled oven, we can use universal degreaser. This way you will avoid tiresome and continuous friction. We can remove the dirt using a wet pumice stone, lemon juice or baking soda dissolved in water. Burners can clean up using the same means as described above.

If you choose to use special detergent to clean soiled ovens and hobs, it is important to read the label. Some of the preparations used in the household, are aggressive not only to dirt but also to our skin or have a toxic odor, irritating the airways. So if you about to perform oven cleaning procedure with strong chemical products, first open the windows in the kitchen and then place protective gloves on your hands. Anytime you can avoid the use of such detergents, do it without hesitation! Natural cleaning recipes are completely harmless for your health and are still effective for oven cleaning!

For the next oven cleaning recipe you will need the following products:

  • The peels of 3-4 oranges
  • Empty jar
  • White vinegar
  • Spray bottle
  • Baking soda

First, take the peels of 3-4 lemons (the quantity depends on the size of the jar) and place them in it. Then cover them with white vinegar and close the jar for minimum 5 days. When it comes the time for oven cleaning, pour the vinegar from the jar in a spray bottle for easier application.

Take the side bars and the grills of the oven out and place them to soak into a solution of hot water and dishwashing liquid. Meanwhile, spread baking soda at the bottom side of the oven and spray the vinegar on top of it. You may spray the oven door as well. Close the oven for 20-30 minutes. Orange peels have amazing degreasing effect. After the 30 minutes are gone, open the oven and wipe all the sides with damp cloth. The grease will fall really easy! You may need to wipe the oven several times until it is finally perfectly clean. Micro fiber cloth is the ideal tool for wiping the oven.

You can clean the surfaces of the electric oven quickly and easily with a little ammonia. Heat the oven to 65 degrees and turn it off. Place inside it a cup of ammonia, which is filled by the half. On the lower level of the oven put a pot of boiling water. Close the oven door and let the fluid act for the night. Then open the oven, remove the cup and pot and allow the oven to ventilate. Clean the surfaces with a cloth as dip it in ammonia, wipe with a solution of dish soap in warm water, wipe with a clean cloth and let dry. Do not use this method of ovens that run on gas. The movable tray from the oven can be cleaned of dirt by soaking them in the sink in which you have mixed warm water and half a cup of ammonia. Wait infuse 20 minutes and wipe with a cloth.

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