After that you have to clean the bars of the oven

Oven Cleaning: Best 5 Tips

Oven cleaning is one of the most unflavored and difficult things we do in the kitchen. However, you cannot neglect this problem and leave the oven dirty. Most of us love cooking, while others do you it just because they have to and this is the fun part of the process. At the end we have so much dirty dishes and greasy stains on the stove, oven and other appliances and it is inevitable to remove them. In stead of spending several hours and putting all the efforts in rubbing out the stains as we use many strong detergents filled with chemicals, there is an option to clean the oven with natural substances that we use in everyday life.

These products save money and save your time and energy for something else. You need to learn only a few tricks that will help you maintain you kitchen perfectly clean. First you have to get the necessary products: lemon, baking soda and vinegar. With the help of these three things you will remove the stubborn stains from the oven and microwave. To clean the oven, for example, put in a bowl of vinegar and leave it in the oven while it is still working. Let it stand there until the vinegar boil. The fumes that are released by vinegar grease on the walls of the oven will be removed only by wiping with a soft cloth made. Another option for you is to mix about a quarter of a package of baking soda and water. At the end you've got to have  a thick mixture as a paste. With the obtained mixture coat the glass of the oven and the rest of it, leave it to work for 20 minutes and then wipe.

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