Oven Cleaning - No more a challenge

Oven Cleaning - No more a challenge

What’s all that fuss about? Your Oven needs cleaning and you don’t want to end up damaging that box so that next time when you plug it in, your kitchen does not get filled with puffs of smoke and odour of burnt wirings. This is your guide to efficient and smart ways to clean up your baking box.

Using baking soda along with vinegar is not only the most natural way of cleaning ovens, but is also the most traditional one. This chemical free technique might require some manual labour off your end, but the result is worth all that pain.

The step wise approach to cleaning your oven is as below

  • Remove all racks and other components from inside the oven, including the thermometers and stones
  • Make a paste using water and baking soda of spreadable consistency.
  • This paste is spread inside the oven. The more greasy portions might require more scrubbing. Spreading into the deeper corners can get you a squeaky clean oven.
  • This should be allowed to stay for a minimum of 10 to 12 hours.
  • After letting the paste stay, take a moist cloth to wipe off the dried paste focussing on the greasier areas. Use a spatula for crevices if needed.
  • The remnants of baking soda and grease can be removed by spraying vinegar, which will react to foam out the soda. Finally, the residues can be removed by again wiping with a damp cloth.
  • All the racks and inner components should be cleaned separately before placing back in the oven.

Alternative ideas and why they should not be used

Some ovens are equipped with an auto clean setting. But using this feature can prove to be a little too dangerous at times. It raises the heating level of the component so that the grease scrapes get burnt and fall off, so that they can be physical removed once the equipment cools down. This does not work well for machines that haven’t had cleaning in a long time or are very old.

One of the approaches is to use cleansing chemicals that are available easily in the markets, which is again not a very advisable thing to do. These chemicals can give pungent fumes that can suffocate you and if any of it gets left in the oven then it can react with your food to give poisonous substances, which is definitely not something we want.

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