Oven cleaning is a simple yet difficult task

Oven cleaning is a simple yet difficult task

Oven is very useful for baking and cooking food. Clean oven is must for cooking. So cleaning an oven is a very complex task but it is very necessary to clean it from time to time. As un cleaned oven turns the food unhygienic. The first and foremost step of cleaning the oven is identifying the type of oven. One must first identify the type of oven they have whether it is a self cleaning oven or textured ovens or continuous cleaning ovens or a regular oven. To identify refer the points given below:

Types of ovens:

Self cleaning ovens are the one’s which you can heat up to any high temperature whereas textured or continuous cleaning ovens are designed with a porcelain layer that keeps the burnt and spilled food away. And the third types of ovens are regular ovens which have no cleaning features and they had to be cleaned regularly by hands.

After identifying the type of oven comes the cleaning process

Steps to clean the self cleaning oven

  • Oven should be cleaned only at that time of the day when the kitchen area is least used and attended by children as the strong chemicals can turn the food to poison and can also harm children in many ways.
  • Use the exhaust fan or ventilators so that the dusted air does not harm your family members.
  • Then remove the racks of the oven and place them at a place full of lukewarm water either in a sink or tub or anywhere then drop few drops of dish wash liquid on the racks.
  • After that turn on the self cleaning button in the oven to on mode. Remember after that button is pressed oven should automatically get locked and started heating at 800 and 900 degree Fahrenheit.
  • If in case lock button is not active put a masking tape and then proceed.
  • In about 2 to 6 hours all the burnt and spilled food in the oven turns into ashes then leave it on rest mode for about two hours then clean the oven in the following way:

How to clean the oven from inside

  • Simply open the oven and sweep out ashes with the help of a brush
  • Then, clean the oven door with vinegar and water solution or any other substitute.
  • After that clean the racks with soapy solution and pat them dry and place them back in the oven.

Oven cleaning has been conducted successfully now you can enjoy the baked hygienic food again.

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