Oven Cleaning Simplified For Daily Users

Oven Cleaning Simplified For Daily Users

The very first thought which comes in our mind after hearing oven cleaning is our day long struggle with appliance to make it clean and sparkling. A simple error  sometimes damages the oven in such a manner that  a  specialist is needed to be called to fix the problem which  otherwise leaves the oven useless if unattended for  long  time, or either ignored. Calling a specialist also calls for  an additional expenditure in the form of his fees  which  is  a bit high for the common man and disturbs his monthly  budget.     

So wondering how to clean your oven? Its not that  complicated, this article has plenty of tips to help you clean your oven safely.


  1. Consult the manufacturer’s manual for  guidelines on  cleaning the oven.
  2. Use a commercial oven cleaner specially formulated  to tackle tough grease and burnt on food.
  3. Follow the instruction on your product carefully and  wear rubber gloves.
  4. Leave your cleaner to soak in as much as possible  for around 30 minutes to remove as much grease  and grime  as  possible.

After  months of roasting and baking, an oven  tends to get fairly grimy. Built up grease and charred  food accumulate and turn into carbon ,causing a  burning smell while cooking. Letting your oven  coated in carbon can taint your food and  eventually  turn into a fire hazard. Read on for more instructions  on how to clean your oven, whether it has a self  cleaning feature or not.


  1. Know what type of oven you have.
  2. Self cleaning oven have a feature that allows  you to heat the oven to such high temperature  that built in food and grease gets turned into  ash.
  3. Textured ovens, or continuous cleaning oven,  have a porcelain layer that is designed to  burn  spilled food away while you are using your  oven for cooking.
  4. Regular oven without these cleaning features  must be cleaned regularly by hand.


    When cleaning an oven there are a few things that you  must remember.

  • Always wear gloves and protect your arm while  using any oven cleaner. It’s a good idea to wear an  apron or old clothes if you are worried about getting  dirty.
  • Make sure that the room is well ventilated some oven  cleaner can have  quite a strong smell.
  • Make sure that the oven  is cooled before beginning  to clean it.
  • Never use a sharp or abrasive element to clean your  oven. While it is tempting to us  such element  scraping a knife along the inside of the interiors  could  damage the oven making it an hazard to use.

Sometimes oven cleaning can feel like the worst part of cleaning your kitchen, but it doesn’t have to be with this straightforward guide. With a right cleanser and a right strategy cleaning an oven can be an easy task. Ensure you have a sparkling and clean oven with these tips.

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