Tips to successfully cleaning your oven

Tips to successfully cleaning your oven

While cooking meals in ovens can be both hassle-free and less time consuming, the same cannot be said for keeping the appliance squeaky clean. However, this is one appliance that you cannot do without in your kitchen; hence it is your responsibility to keep it hygienic at all times for the sake of not compromising with the health of your family. For letting grease and food particles accumulate over months can often lead to carbon congestion inside your oven which can both be health hazardous and be the cause of setting your kitchen on fire. If you want to avoid such mishaps, make sure that you clean your oven on daily basis.

Find out what type of oven you own

Before you can start cleaning your oven, you need to know type of oven you own. If you never enquired about the cleaning aspects when you bought the appliance, it is time you go online and study up on which category your appliance falls under. You might be the owner of a self-cleaning oven, in which case you are saved from taking up time out of your busy schedule to clean your oven. All you need to do is select the feature that heats up the accumulated leftover food attached to the oven interior to such a level that the foods are turned to ash and they eventually fall off. The same goes for textured ovens as well. Ovens like this have a built-in porcelain base that burns off the excess food that is left behind in the oven when the oven runs on a baking mode. However it is more likely that you have got a regular oven that is most commonly found in most households. These ovens do not have an automatic cleaning system which means that you have to manually clean them every day.

Cleaning a regular oven

In case of regular oven, carefully remove the oven racks. Fill up your sink with warm water and put a few drops of regular dish washing solution into it. Soak the oven racks in the sink for a couple of hours to soften any food particles that have grown tough and hard to remove. In the meantime, fill up a spray bottle with 4 tablespoons of baking soda and water. Spray on the blackened bits inside the oven and leave it in for an hour. Scrub down both the rack and interior of the oven and wash it clean with vinegar and water so that no odor is left behind.

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