Useful Tricks That Every Housewife Needs to Know

Useful Tricks That Every Housewife Needs to Know

 1. Coffee beans will remove the smell from the refrigerator

In 8 of 10 households, the refrigerator smells. This shows a recent study. The mix of different odors, as well as the forgetting of something spoiled, can lead to this. Handling the situation is often difficult and requires time and emptied of all content. It's much easier with a cup of coffee. First check out where the smell comes from. Fill a cup of coffee beans and put it in the fridge or freezer. Let it stand for a few hours. It is no coincidence that coffee is also used in perfumery. It has the ability to neutralize the smell. For example, in perfume stores it is possible to give you a smell of coffee before switching to the next scent. Thus your brain will forget the forefront.

2. Easy microwave oven cleaning with the help of a bowl of water

Cleaning the microwave oven sometimes turns out to be a challenge. Dried grease, spots and drops of different dishes on all the walls - these are just some of the obstacles you will encounter. In most cases, the dirt is already stiff and dry. So fill a large bowl of water and put it inside to warm it up in a few minutes. The aim is to heat the walls of the oven from the heat of the water and evaporation. So there will be dampness on them and the dirt will detach itself. Now is the time to clear everything to brilliance without any difficulty.

3. Remove the smell from cutting board with lemon and sugar

The cutting board takes the smell of everything we put on it. The onions, garlic and meat are the most damaging. As much as we wash it, the smell remains and feels.

You can fix this and restore freshness with lemon and sugar. Sprinkle sugar and start rubbing with the citrus. Lemon and the taste of sugar will eliminate all odors.

4. Oven cleaning – clean the buttons of the oven with ammonia

Surely every housewife would like the oven to shine with purity, but she thinks that this goal can not be achieved quickly and easily.

One of the places where the bulk of grease accumulates is the rotating buttons.

Normally, cleaning of these turns takes a lot of time and nerves, but with this trick it will be for a while.

You need only drops of ammonia-anise which you can take from each pharmacy. Equip yourself with a toothbrush and ear sticks.

Drops of ammonia-anise are not only an excellent remedy for coughing, but also an inexpensive means of quickly cleaning the oven.

Put protective gloves and use the toothbrush or sponge from the drops on the dirty surfaces.

Let them work for 10-15 minutes, then simply wipe with a clean cloth or wipe. If you are wondering what your ears are, you are needed for those places where the sponge or toothbrush is not accessible.


5. Oven cleaning – clean the ceramic hobs with natural products

Cleaning the smelly oven is a terrifying exercise for every housewife! The old hotplates are difficult to process at one time, but we are used to clean them with hard and abrasive agents. With modern glass ceramic countertops, however, the question is a bit more delicate.

They are easy to scratch, and you can not use a sponge to remove scalded grease or the scruffy sauce. Even toxic acid preparations are not particularly recommended.

How can you clean the ceramic hob with natural but effective methods without harming it and without endangering your family's health?

First of all, it is important to make sure that the oven is switched off and the hob has cooled down. If you spray a detergent on a hot plate or countertop, it will burn and smell and the situation will get even worse. And it is dangerous in terms of the fact that you can seriously burn your hands if you want to clean before the oven is completely chilled.


Baking soda, wine vinegar, fresh lemons or lemon juice does a great job in stubborn stains, especially for cleaning the ceramic hobs.

Lemon juice or vinegar

If you choose to use lemon juice or vinegar, you can easily put them in a spray bottle that will make it easier for you to apply on the stained surface. Spray the solution on the stain and let it work. Be sure to rinse well with warm water so that it does not smell of burning when reused.

Baking soda

If you have decided to use baking soda, note that it is abrasive material and can damage the ceramic hob and leave furrows on its surface. So prepare a soft soda bicarbonate paste (2-3 scoops), dissolved in water (4-5 teaspoons).

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