detergents are harmful to health

detergents are harmful to health

 Detergents are harmful to health

We are convinced that there is no need to comment on that detergents are harmful to health. Now it has been proved  that they are the cause of allergies, respiratory problems, and some diseases. Everyone is wondering how to make his/her home clean and  safe at the same time. Probably it will require more time and efforts to use eco-friendly methods for cleaning, but it will worth it. Let's first take a look at what are the most common effects of antibacterial cleaners on person's health. Toxic detergents often contain triclosan, which is absorbed through the skin and lead to liver problems. Bleach has a powerful caustic effect as it irritates  and even burn the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. And when it is mixed with ammonia we  have a combination which fumes are deadly. One of the main ingredients of bleach and other cleaners is chlorine, which may cause breast cancer.

As Prolux Oven is well aware of all these harmful effects on the human body, we decided to use only environmentally-friendly preparations in each of the cleaning services we provide in London. That way you will have amazing clean oven and also healthy family. Maintaining the oven in clean condition, without having unpleasant odor is a goal that not everyone can accomplish. Most people use toxic chemicals which are harmful but effective. That is not a good choice for sure. You can rely on Prolux Oven as we will deliver the most amazing services possible at very low price which everyone can afford. What we can recommend you for maintaining the oven meanwhile is to use only safe products, like baking soda. You have to make a mixture of water and baking soda and apply it on the inside of the oven. You can use an old toothbrush for application. After that just clean it with a damp cloth.

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